What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail Ads appear within the Promotions tab and allow you to target users based on the account activity of the personal Gmail accounts. Previously known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, they have been around since 2013, but finally became available to all advertisers in 2015. One of the key things to realise with Gmail advertising is that it is ALL about ad relevance there are extremely high rewards for high open rate.

Put simply:

Higher Click-Through-Rate = Much Lower Cost-Per-Click
Lower Click-Through-Rate = Much Higher Cost-Per-Click

It is absolutely essential to maximise your open rates, as the Gmail Ads Quality Score will give you huge rewards, which can be the difference between $0.10 clicks vs $1.15 clicks.

If you are looking for clicks:

These advertisements MUST be complete winners – they should be solid, likeable promotions such as something completely free or exclusive, as opposed to your generic billboard.

If you are looking for impressions:

For brand exposure or general awareness campaigns, Gmail Ads are relatively cheap. It can also be presumed that with the development of Gmail advertisements in recent years, Gmail Ads will only get bigger and better, offering you even more for your investment.

Who could benefit from Gmail Ad’s:

Gmail Ads would be of significant benefit to chain stores, businesses with stature on a national or international level or even businesses with a large budget, wanting to introduce Gmail to their campaign. However, it must be noted that relying solely on Gmail Ads within NZ at this stage may not prove effective.


You can directly target people interested in your competition
Yes – that’s right. In addition to targeting your own brand terms, Gmail Ads also allows you to be keyword targeting your competitors' brand terms. People who are in the market for your competitor's products receive emails from your competitors that mention their brand terms, which you can use to advertise in their Gmail accounts instead.

Targeting the trademarks of your competitors is a clever way for you to potentially steal some sales! The fact that they’re in the market for a similar product or service will also dramatically increase your Quality Score and lower your CPCs.

Open rates are obviously important, but you still need to check what people do after they open the Gmail Ad.
To assist with this, Google has all these Gmail-specific campaign metrics that aren’t even turned on by default! It's critical to enable and monitor these (forwards, saves, clicks to website) to track the health of your campaigns.

Gmail Ads offer four different ad formats to choose from including;
- Gmail image template
- Gmail single promotion template
- Gmail multi-product template
- Gmail catalogue template


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