What are Display Ads?

"With the Google Display Network spanning over two million websites and reaching more than 90% of people on the internet, Google Display Ads are an effective advertising tool that allow you to reach potential customers while they’re browsing their favourite websites, surfing through YouTube, checking their Gmail account or simply using mobile sites and apps."

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The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the perfect audience across millions of websites. You can reach users by choosing specific keywords or topics, by selecting where on the internet your ads will appear or even by finding users who are already interested in what your services or products.

Displays Ads allow you to design an advertisement that works for you. Google’s Display Network allows for a variety of formats including text, image, video or rich media. So whether you want to attract attention using colour and motion, or would prefer to tell a story using animation of video – Google’s Display Ads make it possible.

Some common goals that can be achieved through using Google Display Ads include: - Increasing sales
- Increasing sales
- Creating customer loyalty
- Engaging with customers
- Enhancing brand awareness

Another feature businesses find useful with Display Ads is that it lets you measure just how well you are meeting your goals. You can see exactly which websites your ads were displaying on, while tracking which ads delivered the most clicks and which sites provided you with the most sales for the lowest cost. Of course, based on your findings, you can adjust your targeting and bidding strategy to optimise your campaign and get the biggest return for your investment.


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