CMee Communications

Take advantage of the latest technology in the telecommunications industry by coming on board with our CMee Communications package. Our products range from toll-free Numbers to Geo Numbers, coming with a host of sophisticated features such as call tracking, call forwarding and call completion. This means that even when you're in a meeting or nobody is available to answer the call, you will never miss that opportunity to answer an enquiry or make a sale.

Our communications package is something we believe every business should have, as it is far easier for potential customers to get a hold of you when your business is using a toll-free Number. In today competitive marketplace, every advantage counts, and we want to offer you a distinctive competitive edge.

Allow your team to be more active with every call. By choosing CMee you have the ability to dynamically route your calls, have a call management system that works for you or our call performance feature which allow you to listen to phone calls. This lets you monitor the reasons why a potential client did not agree to utilise your services. CMee enables you to have all that and more at your fingertips, which is just some of the many reasons people have selected our CMee Communications packages.

How it works


We offer a range of different numbers that can be utilised to your requirements, but we highly recommend the Toll-free Numbers. As it makes it easier for your cliental to get in contact with you, without receiving call charges. CMee provide a cheap toll free number whether it may be 0800 NZ or 0508 NZ number.

As a small and growing business, you are always trying to make your presence felt everywhere, even though your company may not be in the area of the call. Our Geo Numbers allow you to mask your number allowing you to appear locally. Geo Numbers can be utilised for many reasons such as a way of reaching out into another marketplace without needing to be based in the area.

Have a number already? We still can help whether you have a number already or need a new number. Our call distribution set up allows opportunities never to go by without someone answering the phone. Call distribution works by allowing you to divert the call so that it follows you to your mobile or a colleague or even plain and simply another landline or mobile of your choice.

We understand the importance of answering a phone call as it may be potential cliental. Most often it is easier said than done as most calls come at a time when you are probably on the go or unavailable to take the call. However, when you utilise our Call Forwarding services your company can take those phone calls that are often hard to answer due to busy schedules.

Here at CMee we find it essential to be always searching for innovative solutions we believe this is one of the many. When you have voicemail, you can check by simply using your email as messages are converted to audio files and sent directly to your email address. This allows you to have not only a verbal message but also in the form of text.

We understand how important first impressions are in the business environment. When you choose to produce a personalised greeting, your potential cliental may be intrigued with the great first impressions you make on them as it is a lasting and often how people mould and view your company. By having your personal unique welcome and phone options menu ensure to encourage people, they are dealing with professionals.


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